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John lateran in rome from the comfort of your own home. The site was, in ancient times, occupied by the palace of. The cathedral of the most holy savior and of saints john the baptist and the evangelist in the. This is the oldest of romes four major basilicas and the official seat of the pope. Nowadays, basilica di san giovanni in laterno is where the pope, as bishop of rome, celebrates holy thursday mass.

Pope benedict celebrated the mass for the feast of corpus christi here and then lead a corpus christi procession along romes via merulana, which links the basilicas of st. John lateran has played an important role throughout history. Santissimo salvatore e santi giovanni battista ed evangelista in laterano, also known as the papal archbasilica of saint john in lateran, saint john lateran, or the lateran basilica, is the cathedral church of the diocese of rome in the city of rome, and serves as the seat of the. John lateran there are the remains of ancient buildings, constructed before the christian basilica. A virtual tour to the oldest church in rome youtube. Special thanks to villanova university in pennsylvania usa for its contribution to the realization of the virtual reality tour of the basilica of saint john lateran. The first basilica on the site was built in the fourth. The basilica also houses a baptistery, which for many years was the only baptistery in rome.

One of the most important catholic churches in the world, the archbasilica is decorated with rich mosaics, cosmatesque floors, and 12 baroque statues of the apostles. John lateran, the sanctuary is recognized as the first private papal chapel. John lateran basilica di san giovanni in laterano tours. Bryan crable, chairman of the communication department at the catholic university in villanova, pa. Highresolution virtual tour of saint john lateran, from the vatican. Visit basilica di san giovanni in laterana rome independently. For help finding your way around, we suggest the little black book of rome it is. At the end of the tour you can stay on to further explore st. The basilica of st john lateran basilica di san giovanni in laterano is the. Check out the best tours and activities to experience basilica of st. John lateran san giovanni in laterano is romes cathedral. John lateran basilica rome tour part 4 if you like please leave a comment, like and subscribe.

Virtual reality tour of the basilica of saint john lateran. Paul outside the walls was the brainchild of paul wilson, a professor in the department. John lateran is the popes church, the cathedral of the diocese of rome where the bishop of rome presides. Basilica of st john lateran hd footage, information and facts on basilica of st john lateran. It serves as the the official ecclesiastical seat of the pope as the bishop of rome. It was dedicated to the saviour, basilica salvatoris, the dedication to st. John the evangelist which adjoined the basilica and where members were charged at one period with the duty of maintaining the services in the church. The first basilica on the site was built in the fourth century when the roman emperor constantine donated land he had received from the wealthy lateran family. Peters as the popes main church, but they are wrong.

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