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The wonderful wizard of oz is an american childrens novel written by author l. The public saw it for the first time at a book fair at the palmer house in chicago, july 520. Whats so special is this drawing, which is an ink drawing. I totally need the copy of the the wonderful wizard of oz in my life.

Now, in this stunning hundredth anniversary edition featuring the original illustrations by w. The witch is dead if i only had a brain the merry old land of oz optimistic voices over the rainbow were off to see the wizard and more. It is also widley considered to be one of the very first official american fairytales and fables. Dorothy gale is swept away from a farm in kansas to a magical land of oz in a tornado and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the wizard who can help her return home to kansas and help her friends as well. The story starts in kansas, with a girl called dorothy, that is taken away by a cyclone to the land of oz, a land that feels familiar because its magic is feed by the popular folklore from the u. Denslow, and the 100th anniverary edition pictured here replicates that one. Frank baum wrote 17 more books about the wizard of oz. Originally published in 1900, it was the first truly american fairy tale, as baum crafted a wonderful out of such familiar items as a cornfield scarecrow, a mechanical woodman, and a humbug wizard who used oldfashioned hokum to express that. The annotated wizard of oz, based on the original text by frank baum and. Denslows illustrations for the wonderful wizard of. Directed by victor fleming, george cukor, mervyn leroy. A modern fairy tale with a distinctly american setting, a delightfully levelheaded heroine, and engaging fantasy characters, the story was enormously popular and became a classic of childrens literature.

Denslow, new readers will learn the power of the phrase there is no place like home. The wonderful wizard of oz by lyman frank baum free ebook. It is of course an extravaganza experience for any american child, but will surely be found to appeal strongly to adult readers as well as to the younger children, to whom it will be read by mothers or those having charge of the. Buy the wonderful wizard of oz original version by baum, l. With judy garland, frank morgan, ray bolger, bert lahr. The wonderful wizard of oz 1900 the marvelous land of oz 1904 dorothy and the wizard in oz 1908 the road to oz 1909 the emerald city of oz 1910. Echoes of life 1888, some illus by denslow, old don henri poetry. New listing 1908 dorothy and the wizard of oz book hardcover dust jacket frank baum 1930s. The witch is dead if i only had a brain the merry old land of oz optimistic voices over the rainbow were off to see the. It should have 24 color plates inside including the title page. Check out our wizard of oz book selection for the very best in unique or custom. The wonderful wizard of oz, childrens book written by l. The book i received does not have the same cover see picture and while i would.

The wonderful wizard of oz was originally published in 1900. See more ideas about wizard of oz, wizard of oz 1939 and dorothy gale. Neill also created an original painting for the dust jacket illustration used with the. Aug 14, 2015 wizard of oz original hardcover front cover 1900 giclee art print. If you are interested in the theme of book illustration, you might like the. Little wizard stories of oz first edition 1914 book l frank baum color. Hill, 1900, first edition 2nd issue binding with plain unserified type in red lettering as opposed to green, some wear to corner tips and spine extremities, some soiling to spine and covers, light silverfish damage to spine and rear cover, inner hinges strengthened, else a good or better collectible copy of.

The wizard of oz the original oz book1903 hardcover january 1, 1903 by w. The oz books form a book series that begins with the wonderful wizard of oz 1900 and relate the fictional history of the land of oz. Frank baum has enchanted readers for over a century. This story of the wonderful wizard of oz, is so ingeniously woven out of commonplace material.

Books titled the wizard of oz, the new wizard of oz, or the original oz book are all later editions. It has since seen several reprints, most often under the title the wizard of oz, which is the title of the popular 1902 broadway musical adaptation as well as the iconic 1939 liveaction film. Denslow, whose depictions of dorothy, toto, and all the other creatures and landscapes of oz. Frank baum, who went on to write fourteen fulllength oz books. Sep 10, 2016 baum wrote the wonderful wizard of oz without any thought of a sequel. These timeless original stories have been specially formatted for digital ereaders, in that they can conform to fit any screen size, and each and every chapter of every book in the table of contents have been linked to ease navigation throughout this mammoth anthology. Printed in 1903 by the bobbsmerrill company with picturs by w. This is one of only two of the original fourteen oz books the other being the emerald city of oz 1910, to be illustrated with watercolor paintings. Journey to the spectacular land of oz with the wonderful wizard of oz. The project gutenberg etext of the wonderful wizard of oz. But long before the classic 1939 film, there was this. Having this thought in mind, the story of the wonderful wizard of oz was written solely to please children of today. After reading the novel, thousands of children wrote letters to him, requesting that he craft another story about oz. This is a adult mens sized tshirt unisex wizard of oz, vintage book cover t shirt.

The wizard of oz is a high fantasy, magic and wizardry childrens novel. It has since seen several reprints, most often under the title the wizard of oz, which is the title of the popular 1902 broadway. The wizard of oz waddle book, cover, with character cutouts, yellow brick road. Frank baum childrens book hard cover 1962 grosset dunlap. The wonderful wizard of oz feels like your first voyage, you only have a few personal items and the world is for your eyes a newborn. Wizard of oz original book cover t shirt public etsy. In 1900, he published his best known book the wonderful wizard of oz. The book itself, the wizard of oz, is valuable, but when i see this, this isnt just signed at a book signing. Get the best deals for the wizard of oz original book at. He wanted to write a fairy tale that was full of mystery, imagination and magic. Neill painting for the emerald city of oz featuring glinda the good with dorothy and ozma. One of the true classics of american literature, the wonderful wizard of oz has stirred the imagination of young and old alike for over four generations. Eventually he wrote fiftyfive novels, including thirteen oz books, plus four lost novels, eightythree short stories, more than two hundred poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings. Even while he was alive, baum was styled as the royal historian of oz to emphasize the.

It sold nearly 15,000 copies within a month of its publication in september 1900 and remains the most popular of the oz books not least of all because its the only one illustrated by w. Below you will find a description and a photos of common collectible versions including two later reprints from books of wonder and easton press. Frank baum, who created oz, and the subsequent royal historians of oz. Baum wrote the wonderful wizard of oz without any thought of a sequel. There are many editions available of the wonderful wizard of oz, but the original was very much a team effort of author baum and illustator w.

Wizard of oz by l frank baum, first edition abebooks. The cover of the hill first edition of the wonderful wizard of oz is shown below. The wizard of oz celebrates its 80th birthday this year. They were used as 16 color plates and a front cover in each title. Only three oz books had color illustrations derived from neill paintings. Denslow presented by pom harrington, owner of peter harrington rare books. Denslow, and published at the turn of the 20th century in the year 1900. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The wonderful wizard of oz, commonly known as the wizard of oz, is the first book in the famous oz series by author l. I dont know how popular the movie the wizard of oz is today 2012, but it is definitely a classic and i see it on tv a lot, usually around halloween. Frank baums the wonderful wizard of oz was the first book in what became a fourteenvolume series.

Binding is tight, no crease to spine, covers, or corners dont think this was ever read. Frank baum wrote thirteen sequels to the wonderful wizard of. Denslows illustrations for the wonderful wizard of oz. However its certainly not a definitive edition, as the 4k presentation lacks the original audio track and the packaging is quite lackluster, with many of the extras in quality lower than they. Denslow illustrator see all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. It aspires to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out. The eyecatching fullcolor cover featuring the films original 50th anniversary artwork is bound to make this fantastic folio a real collectors item.

It was published on june 18, 1908 and reunites dorothy with the humbug wizard from the wonderful wizard of oz 1900. There are many variations of the wizard of oz book. While the movie is great, it is only a shadow of what the book is. The book was a huge hit as soon as it was published in 1900 and was followed by more than a dozen sequels. In 1904, he wrote and published the first sequel, the marvelous land of oz, explaining that he grudgingly wrote the sequel to address popular demand. All of the baum written books are in the public domain in the united states. He made 17 paintings for each of two books, dorothy and the wizard in oz 1908 and the emerald city of oz 1910. Frank and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Wonderful wizard of oz, book cover, wall clock, tinman, scarecrow, yellow. Abaa ilab published 1903 condition good, scuffing to covers, minor threadwear at top and base of spine, inner front hinge paper cleanly broken, cloth firm. Everybody needs at least one copy of the wizard of oz in their movie collection if its still lacking from yours then of course you should pick this up. Wizard of oz display mobile for 1989 santore book, random house release, beautiful. Near fine 1st printing of 1983 cathay edition assumed, no printing history stated, original published 1980 by octopus books limited, london, england, 220 pages, 341 grams12 oz.

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